New Email Based Tool Released From Creo, Inc.

Creo, Inc. has released an evaluation version of Six Degrees. Six Degrees is an email based productivity app designed for combining contacts and related projects together. The app features quick navigation and automatic related email connection. According to Creo:

Creo Inc. released a free 30-day evaluation version of Six Degrees(tm) software today. This download trial of Six Degrees will give consumers the opportunity to test this new timefreeing technology(tm) before it becomes commercially available at the Macworld show in New York City next month.

Six Degrees software is an email-driven productivity tool. It automatically connects and displays related email messages, files, and people on the desktop so that the user can quickly navigate through projects in a powerful new way. Six Degrees software is designed for anyone who has many files and emails and who wants to work more effectively on his or her desktop computer.

You can find more information about the trial release of Six Degrees at the Creo, Inc. Web site. Six Degrees will be released next month at Macworld New York for US$99.00.