New FairPlay Desktops Pictures Make Statement About Recording Industry [Corrected]

[Editoris Note: This story was originally published using the term "FreePlay," instead of the correct "FairPlay." The article below has been corrected accordingly. - Editor]

FairPlay, the fledgeling shareware music service, is Jade Learyis effort to fight the people and the system who would deny us our Fair Use rights for music weive legally paid for; folks like the RIAA and many major record labels. FairPlay is a licensing scheme that allows musicians to directly release their music to the public, while still offering a means of collecting money for that music. This allows those musicians to bypass the big recording labels.

The FairPlay site is now offering some really nice desktop pictures that not only look great but offer several statements that may resonate with your feelings about the RIAA and its member labels.

Stop by FairPlay and check them out.