New File Sharing Program Goes Beta

Black Diamond Products has released a beta version of their new peer-to-peer file sharing program, FileFone. FileFone works on both Macs and PCs, and allows users to "dial" other users by IP address and initiate file transfers. According to Black Diamond Products:

Black Diamond Products today announced the release of the first public betaof its new peer-to-peer file sharing program FileFone for both PC and Mac.

FileFone is a "phone" for sending and receiving files over the internet. Itallows you to call another FileFone user using his/her IP address to send afile. FileFone:

  • Works peer-to-peer with no central server of any kind
  • Has independent send and receive lines, allowing you to receive a filewhile sending one
  • Is extremely simple to set up and run
  • Allows you to accept or reject incoming transfers
  • Can be set to receive files unattended
  • Maintains a list of favourite destinations
  • Has configurable text, allowing easy translation or customisation
  • Resumes broken transfers
  • Is available for Mac and PC and works between them
  • Allows extensive customisation of the user interface ( skins )
  • Stores a retry list of any failed or rejected transfers
  • Has attractive inbuilt help facilities

FileFone is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Black Diamond Products Web site.