New HP iPod Ad: "You Let Musical Worlds Collide"

Hot on the virtual heels of Appleis new "Walkie Talkie Man" iPod ad, HP has posted its first iPod commercial on the HP Web site. HPis ad is taking a completely different tack than Appleis highly successful iPod ads, and are based on a theme of "You let musical worlds collide."

Those words scroll by on an iPod screen, and the ad then features several kinds of dancing from different subcultures, each with music from yet other subcultures. For instance, the first scene shows line dancing in a country music dance hall with hip-hop music playing. The music is properly timed to the dancing, right down to the obligatory line-dancing clap.

Other scenes include 50s music at a punk show, dance music at a square dance, and bluegrass fiddles blaring away for some street break dancing. Some screen shots from the ad:

Hip-Hop line dancing.

Bluegrass break dancing.

The ad closes with a voice over saying: "Introducing the Apple iPod from HP; your PC will never be the same again." You can find the ad at HPis TV advertising Web page. Thanks to Observer Creole for the heads up on the new ad.