New Issue Of MacBase Released

MacBase has released a new issue of of the self-titled magazine for the Mac community. MacBase is a PDF magazine devoted to all things Mac related. The latest issue ships features columns on topics ranging from Jaguar tips to Rendevous articles. According to MacBase:

MacBase, a Canadian company, is releasing the latest issue of itis free PDF magazine.

MacBase is a magazine that is based around the Macintosh platform and is available free for anyone to download. MacBase is a full-feature magazine with pictures and full fledged articles. Articles in the magazine include reviews of software and other articles relating to the Macintosh.

This issue of MacBase features articles on Rendezvous, MP3is, and Jaguar Tips. From now on MacBase will be a monthly magazine and ranging in length from 10 to 30 pages. Current readers will be happy to know MacBase is no longer password protected!

You can find more information about the MacBase release at the MacBase Web site. The MacBase magazine is available free to the public.