New Java Application Available

4D Inc. has announced that 4D Open Java is now available with the release of 4D version 6.7 for use with 4D Server. 4D Open Java draws upon years of 4D API maturity and integration technology and has been granted the "100% Java 1 and Java 2" rating - the highest rating currently available from Sun Microsystems. According to 4D:

4D Open Java is an important addition to the 4D Development Environment allowing client connectivity for any machine which has an available Java Virtual Machine (JVM). With the addition of a Java-based 4D Server connection, data access from Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, and mobiles are now possible.

"4D open Java opens up connectivity to 4D Server from any platform available," said Lee Hinde, president, HD Industries. "We continue to be committed to open standards and are pleased to receive the 100% Java certificates," said Brendan Coveney, president, 4D Inc.

Key features

  • Can be used standalone or as an applet
  • Full access to data creation, modification and deletion
  • 65 Commands Available
  • Allows multi-threaded connectivity to 4D Server
  • Creation and use of record sets and selections
  • Stored Procedures: Any 4D Method can be initiated in itis own thread and executed by 4D Server
  • Comprised of Java Classes and a TCP/IP network component
  • Very small footprint - 39K .jar file size

The 4D Open Java is available as part of 4D Version 6.7 Developer Edition or the 4D Server v6.7 Developer Edition. You can find more information about it at 4Dis site.