New Mac Malware Surfaces

A new Mac OS X malware application, dubbed OSX_LAMZEV.A, has apparently surfaced, and computer security company Trend Micro claims it has the potential to allow hackers to take control of infected Macs. The malicious application is not, however, a virus, and requires users to launch the app so it can install its payload, and it even goes so far as to ask which firewall port it can use.

According to Trend Micro, "Mac users may be infected when they access remote websites hosting this backdoor. The backdoor may also be disguised as a legitimate application and may be installed and executed on systems."

Like other Mac OS X-based threats that have surfaced, this one requires user interaction -- meaning users have to launch the installer application and give it permission to install its payload. In this case, the standard safety rules apply: Donit visit Web sites that you donit trust, and donit install applications that you arenit sure are legitimate or safe.