New Module Allows Cumulus Users To Search Ziped Archives

Canto has announced the availability of a new module for the line of Cumulus products, the Zip AssetStore Module. The new module allows Cumulus users to browse the contents of Ziped archives without having to first decompress the archive. This feature can help users save enormous amounts of time. According to Canto:

Imagine looking for one of a thousand images that have been compressed into a zip file and you donit know where to look? Before you would have to uncompress each file and search manually for the right image but now with Cumulusi new Zip AssetStore Module, you can go into a zip file, and view as well as catalogue all the images there without ever having to unzip the file.

Cantois Zip AssetStore Option works with the entire Cumulus product line - which consists of a Single User Edition, a Workgroup Edition and an Enterprise Edition - and enables Cumulus 5 users to catalog and manage compressed files within Zip archives.

Users are able to work with this data as if it were stored uncompressed on their local hard disk - thereby saving considerable hard disk space. It allows users to manage any kind of digital files in Cumulus compressed with WinZip or PKZIP without having to waste time unpacking the Zip archives beforehand.

The Zip AssetStore module enables users to manage whole Zip archives and in particular the single elements contained therein. It supports hierarchical Zip archives as well as password protected Zip archives and even self-extracting Zip archives. When cataloging Zip archives, Cumulus automatically creates categories, which represent the hierarchy of the archive with the corresponding subcategories. These allow you quick access to the cataloged assets and to work with them as if they were uncompressed.

User Benefits:

  • Automatically catalogs whole Zip archives as well as all compressed files contained
  • Supports password protected Zip archives
  • Automatically creates Cumulus categories based on the structure of the cataloged Zip archive
  • Saves hard disk space by storing your assets compressed - use them as if they were stored uncompressed on your local hard disk.
  • Powerful search capabilities to easily find single elements within a Zip archive

The Zip AssetStore Module is available for US$99.95. You can find more information at the Canto Web site.