New Month, New Issue of WPDFD

The March issue of Web Page Design for Designers is now available for download. The latest issue has a feature on the Web animation tool, Flash, and a look at Swift3D. According to WPDFD:

March 2001 issue of Web Page Design for Designers

Article: Flash - Beyond animation - Audio
With a whole mess of different Web audio formats to contend with, designers can make things a lot easier for themselves and their readers simply by using Flash. Everything you wanted to know about Flash streaming audio.

Mini Review: Swift3D
Adds 3D animation to your Flash movies.

TopTip: DocType
Every Web page should have a DocType declaration to instuct the browser how to handle it. What to put and where.

Tenacity Fonts:
Now, MINI 7 has a bigger brother, Tenacity. Also, a new article about using pixel fonts and cross-platform screen resolution.

You can find the full issue at the Web Page Design for Designers Web site.

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