New Mood Music Player Released From Bit of Paradise

Bit of Paradise Products has released a new app for Mac users, SonicMood 1.0.0. SonicMood is a utility designed for the playing of moody harmonized melodies. The app features support for 21 different themes and adjustable scales and timing. According to Bit of Paradise Products:

Bit of Paradise Products announced today the availability of SonicMood version 1.0.0, software which plays soothing harmonies while you work. SonicMood is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

SonicMood bathes you in gentle tones played by selected instruments to calm and relax you while you work on your computer. You may select from 21 different “Moods” - combinations of instruments, note scales, and timings - designed to take your mind away from the stress of the day.

You can find more information about the SonicMood release at the Bit of Paradise Products Web site. SonicMood is available for US$10.00.