New Online Mac Mag, MacBase, Keeps It Real

Many Mac magazines have how-tos and reviews, but most products reviewed and used in the how-tos are commercial products. How about reviewing shareware and freeware apps, and how about showing us how to use those inexpensive apps to achieve good results? The creators of the new online magazine, MacBase, had the same idea. This from MacBase:

MacBase will be offered exclusively as a PDF format magazine. However, each monthly issue of MacBase will be a professionally designed and full color magazine. MacBase will be targeted at all Macintosh users, and have articles on all aspects of the Macintosh platform.

MacBase will be your alternative to the professional reviews and how-tois at different Macintosh magazines. Non-professional products will be reviewed by people who have little knowledge on the product beforehand to give you a real world review on the product. Professional products will reviewed by professionals with thousands of hours of experience using the program in question. Our how-tois will use the low cost alternative software when possible or use both the high end products and the alternative shareware products.

MacBase will be released in mid-August. Stop by the MacBase site for more information and pricing.