New Photoshop Plug-In Released At Seybold

Procreate is shipping a new Photoshop filter plug-in package, KPT effects. KPT effects is designed to be an enhancement tool for digital image design. The KPT effects package has nine filters and is optimized for OS X. According to Procreate:

KPT® effects™ is being introduced at Seybold San Francisco (booth # 729). KPT effects is the second application to join the procreate™ line of creative enhancement tools. Geared specifically to power and extend the possibilities of design, procreate was first introduced at Macworld Expo in New York on July 17, 2001.

Optimized for Mac® OS X, KPT effects is a collection of nine new Adobe® Photoshop® compatible plug-ins designed to quickly add effects to digital images. Enhancing the creative power of Adobe Photoshop and other compatible applications, KPT effects enables designers to apply effects that range from practical to fantastic.

You can find more information about the KPT effects package at the Procreate Web site. KPT effects is available for US$199.00.