New QuickTime Based Mac News Show Hitting The Web

A new QuickTime based news program,, is scheduled to launch later this month. Incorporating a video production rather than audio, aims to provide a quick weekly look at all things Macintosh. According to ( -pronounced "apple cubed TV"- is a fresh new look at a tired medium of news broadcasting. A fun and entertaining on line streaming video news show based around Apple Computing news. The show will be produced by Internet Company Webstar Productions whom conceived its beginnings over six months ago.

Although the idea of streaming news is nothing ground breaking these days the combination of Apple Computer related information through this medium is. Using nothing but Quicktime technologies (naturally) with new SMIL scripting aims to bring a new interactivity to the scene.

With its launch date unofficially set for May 2001 the show is looking for initial advertisers whom can provide short 10 to 20 second video advertisements for inclusion in the show. These will be included FREE on a first come first served basis for relevant agents.

The show will be a pre-recorded one with the exception of special features to be scheduled at a later date. There will be a new show available every week running no longer than 10 minutes per show.

You can request more information by e-mailing