New Reflections Theme Released for Keynote Users

Keynote Theme Park has released Reflections, a new theme for Appleis Keynote 2 presentation application.

Inspired by the upcoming iChat AV window on Mac OS X Tiger, the new Keynote 2 theme reflects a pages content off a polished base (see example in photo below). Both versions of iReflectionsi include 22 Photo Cutout Masters (plus 8 text) for a total of 60 masters.

Also included are a series of custom labels and focus panels to compliment both Black and White versions. Interactive navigation buttons for use with Keynote 2is hyperlink tool are featured, including Back, Next, Jump Back and Forward, Home and a Menu Item button all supplied in both active and non-active states. The product comes with a 60-slide+ presentation that includes the Extras along with examples and instructions on making incredible Reflections.

The new keynote theme is available now directly from the companyis Web site for US$18.95.