New Royalty Free Image CD Available

Dessert Dolphin has released the latest CD in the Fractal Magic series. The new CD, by artist Clark Dunbar, features 50 high quality, high resolution abstract images. These images can be used as backgrounds or modified and incorporated into other digital creations. According to Dessert Dolphin:

Desert Dolphin, Inc. announced today, the third CD in Clark Dunbaris hauntingly beautiful Fractal Magic series. The new CD contains 50 ultra-high resolution (38mb) abstract images. Samples, as well as thumbnails of the entire CD can be viewed at the Desert Dolphin website.

Dunbaris work, including some of his fractal creations, was recently featured in a one-man show at the Rocky Mountain Digital Arts Center, in Denver, Colorado.

Fractal Magic 3 is available for US$249. You can find more information, including sample images, at the Dessert Dolphin web site.