New Set Of OS X Icons Available

If you are looking for some new OS X icons, Iconfactory has you covered. They have just released a new OS X inspired icon set, World of Aqua 2. Including a variety of gorgeous icons covering applications, files, and folders, the latest offering provides a host of new icons allowing users to give their OS X desktop a different look. According to Iconfactory:

Back in March of 2001, The Iconfactory was pleased to release the freeware OS X icon collection, World Of Aqua, as part of our "OS X Fest". The response to this set was overwhelming to say the least, but Mac users wanted more.

Well, the wait is now over. The second installment of this new series has been released, providing all new 128x128 photo realistic icon art that looks terrific with the new Apple OS. This time around artist Dave Brasgalla has created some of the hottest new Apple portable hardware, more replacement folders for the user-level directories, plus all sorts of everyday objects with a slightly global flair, from Japanese postboxes to classic Swedish telephones.

You can find these icons, along with thousands of others, at the Iconfactory Web site.