New Set Of Sapphire Illustrator Plug-ns Available

Sapphire Innovations has release a new set of high quality plugins for Adobe Illustrator, Sapphire Pack 2. The new Sapphire Pack includes nine useful tools, giving users a new array of possibilities withing Illustrator. According to Sapphire Innovations:

Sapphire Innovations, today announced Sapphire Pack 2, a new set of plugins for Illustrator ? 8/9.

What is in this new set of plugins??

Background - create instant backgrounds from any selected path, scale, fill, rotate, many different background groupings, and more

Bloater - Take any selected paths and distort, create 3D like effects within Illustrator

Circled - Pattern generator based around a circle, angle the paths, rotate, apply different patterns. Just take any selected path (or paths) and then apply through circled to create some amazing new path imagery

Cornerpoint - Square the circle, distort paths by manipulation of their anchor points to create new paths out of old. Change all anchor points individually or at the same time.

Duplicator - Easy to use duplication tool, great for creating instant background and patterns

Negative Times - Inverse colour effects

Polygonville - Creates numerous types of polygons

Pyramid - Take any shape and build an instant pyramid

Random Type - Scale, shift, re-size, and more all types of text - perfect for those ransom notes and for creating some really oddball text, random or decay or more. Have the colour flow through your text or have an entire pageis text all made of different colours.

All these plugins work even better in conjunction with the transparency and apply modes of version 9.

Our original sets of plugins for Illustrator still exist - pack vol 1 (.2.2) contains 11 amazing plugins for Illustrator 8/9 as well as our layers set of amazing layered-animation effects.

Sapphire Pack 2 is available for US$33. You can find more information at the Sapphire Innovatios web site.