New Shirt Pokes Fun At Dell Dude

The Bigkahuna and Macsurfshop are shipping a new shirt poking fun at Dell computers. Macsurfshop is a site dedicated to Mac t-shirts and memorabilia, and features several other shirt designs for sale. According to The Bigkahuna and Macsurfshop:

The Bigkahuna and Macsurfshop are happy to announce our latest incarnation of flava.

I know you have all seen (and been annoyed) by those commercials featuring iStepheni and his lame attempts to evangelize that DULL computer company. Well, we have a t-shirt that now states what he *should* be saying in those commercials.

" Dude! Youire gettni a "

This design is printed on high-quality 100% cotton, white, short-sleeved Tees.

You can find more information about the new t-shirts at the Macsurfshop Web site. The "Dull" t-shirt is available for USD$12.95.