New Site Management Utility Arrives

Rijdat Software has released a new utility for synchronizing local versions of a web site with a "master" site, Local Web Synch. The program allows web masters and site designers to simplify the process of site management and creation. According to Rijdat Software:

Local Web Synch is a simple utility which helps you make keep local Web sites up to date with your master copy. Local Web Synch does two things:

  • Synchronises your local copy of your Web site with your master copy.
  • Changes the type of the index file to that of your favoured browser.

If you are the webmaster for your organisationis internal (and/or external) Web site, you will have a master copy of the site which you make changes on, and probably a user folder which has a copy of the whole site and which internal users access. This means you can work on Web files without interrupting othersi local access to your site. So when you have made changes to the site you have to update the local copy. Local Web Synch does this for you, updating older files and removing items no longer in use (if you want it to). This application is Mac only, and runs on 68k and PowerPC machines.

Local Web Synch is available as shareware for US$15. You can find more information at the Rijdat Software web site.