New Software Anti-Piracy Product Released

Pace Anti-Piracy has released a new cross-platform USB based device for the prevention of software piracy. Their new iLok technology allows software vendors to use "smart chip" cards to authorize the use of their products. According to Pace Anti-Piracy:

PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., a leader in the development of anti-piracy systems for software developers, today announced its breakthrough iLok technology, a USB device that will enable software publishers to authorize the use of their products more securely and conveniently than ever before. PACE made the announcement at the Audio Engineering Societyis 109th Convention being held in Los Angeles this weekend.

A revolutionary extension of conventional hardware-key technology, the much-anticipated iLok deviceis features distinguish it from other anti-piracy tools and position it as the new industry standard. These unique features include support for multiple license authorizations from multiple software vendors in a single iLok device, cross-platform compatibility, distribution flexibility, and portability of authorization. The patent-pending iLok system consists of two parts: a USB hardware key that stores and processes the secure data necessary to authorize protected software, and a built-in smart card connector capable of reading proprietary small form factor smart cards (or "license chips") that function as a delivery media for additional license authorizations.

iLok represents the culmination of PACEis 15 years of research, development, and market experience in software security, and is already being integrated into the products of a number of PACEis professional audio software developer customers. Bomb Factory, publisher of award-winning pro-audio tools such as Classic Compressors, SansAmp and Moogerfooger, is one such example. Bomb Factory president Erik Gavriluk is enthusiastic about the new device and will be supporting it exclusively in all ten of his new software releases. "The pro-audio industry has been challenged for years by the issues of copy protection," says Gavriluk. "Our concern is not only to protect our products, but to make the solution as convenient as possible for our customers to use. Our new iLok-enabled products will allow Bomb Factory customers to take their iLok key to any computer, studio, or friendis house and use the software legally and hassle free. To us, that is a winning solution."

How It Works
iLok-enabled software products will ship with an iLok hardware device, or "key", containing the authorization license necessary to activate and run the software. When the end user purchases additional licenses, an update, add-on, or plug-in from the publisher, the authorization can be delivered via an inexpensive, smart card that carries the required secure information. Alternatively, the publisher can provide authorization using PACEis InterLok tools via Internet, telephone, or fax. All of InterLokis existing authorization generation tools and automation work with the iLok device.

Upon receipt of the license chip, the end user inserts the iLok device into their USB port and "docks" the license chip with the iLok device. The necessary authorization will be transferred to the iLok device from the license chip, at which point the license chip is no longer needed. At some point in the future, the user can optionally remove the authorization license from the iLok back to the license chip as desired.

PACEis iLok device includes the following features:

  • Support for multiple license authorizations in a single device. This feature allows the end user to authorize multiple users, software programs, plug-ins, features, and modules-even those published by multiple developers-without being burdened by multiple keys. This feature represents a significant advance beyond current hardware key technologies.
  • Authorization portability.? The new iLok technology enables end users to easily transfer authorization from one computer to another without violating the software publisheris license agreement. Because the software authorization information is stored on the secure iLok device, the end user is less susceptible to problems caused by computer crashes and corrupted hard disks.
  • Cross-platform support.? The iLok device works on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Increased flexibility of distribution. Software publishers can now not only deliver authorization for new products and features via the Internet, telephone, and fax, but also in the form of low cost, small form factor smart cards or "license chips". Each iLok key has a built-in license chip docking port that allows the end user to securely transfer authorizations between the two, further increasing a developeris options for distribution.
  • Seamless integration with InterLok software products. The InterLok software architecture provides a complete security umbrella under which the iLok device offers new forms of software licensing protection. iLokis capabilities are enabled by the latest release of InterLok, PACEis sixth generation tool set for protecting, distributing and selling software that is widely used by developers of pro-audio, font, and graphics software products.?InterLok version 3.0 supports all of the new iLok features on both Windows and Macintosh platforms, and incorporates a new state-of-the-art security architecture. The range of software licensing features supported by InterLok include automatic wrapping without source code changes, trialware and buy-before-you-try functionality, metering, software rental, remote feature/module control, web-based user registration, and automatic delivery of authorization via the Internet.

You can find more information at the Pace Anti-Piracy web site.