New Tool Allows FileMaker To Manage Web Based Surveys

Waves in Motion has released a new beta version of their FileMaker based survey management system, Dragon Web Surveys. The tool, compatible with both the Mac and Windows versions of FileMaker, allows users to easily create surveys, collect data, and analyze information, all from within one simple interface. According to Waves in Motion:

Waves in Motion today released the beta version of Dragon Web Surveys 6.0, a powerful, cross-platform FileMaker Pro web survey tool, which allows users to create, publish and tabulate internet-based surveys with no web programming needed.

Among its new features, Dragon 6.0 has a 300 % faster processing and reporting time with multiple section surveys and conditional branching. Dragon also uses idle-time processing and idle-time saving and has an auto-update reports function. With multi-user support with per-user surveys and security plus four levels of authentication, Dragon 6.0 is able to handle multiple data collection and reporting functions with ease.

Users can either design and host web surveys locally using FileMaker 5 Unlimited or create and export their surveys for remote hosting through Waves in Motion. During the beta testing period, all Dragon Web Surveys remote hosting is free.

New and enhanced features include:

  • Faster processing and reporting time
  • Multiple section surveys
  • Conditional branching
  • Auto-updating reports
  • Idle-time processing
  • Idle-time saving
  • Multi-user support with per-user surveys and security
  • Four levels of authentication
  • Improved user interface

Standard features include:

  • Support for unlimited questions and answers
  • Multiple questions types, question dividers and embedded images
  • Search to show statistics on a targeted subset of your respondents
  • Comparison reporting to view two sets side-by-side
  • Industry-leading ease-of-use

Dragon Web Surveys is available for US$789. It requires a fully-functional version of FileMaker Pro Unlimited and a static IP address. You can find more information at the Waves in Motion Web site.