New USB Switch Allows Once Keyboard/Display Combo For Multiple Machines

IOGEAR has announced a new USB based switching device allowing users to control multiple computers via a single keyboard/monitor/mouse combination, the MiniView II USB KVM. Allowing computer switching via a "hot key" set up, or on screen controls, the new switch will ultimately offer daisy chaining capabilities to allow 64 machines to be simultaneously connected. According to IOGEAR:

IOGEAR will incorporate the first ever USB sniffing technology in its MiniView II USB KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch.

USB sniffing technology makes hot keys and On-Screen Displays (OSD) available to a USB KVM for the first time. The improved technology provides mouse and keyboard emulation so usersi systems will not lose connection with their USB input devices. This eliminates the wait previously experienced for the keyboard and mouse to re-synchronize with the computer. In addition, the OSD feature allows users to name each computer for simplified identification and access.

IOGEARis four port MiniView II USB switch (GCS124U) enables users to operate four different computers with one USB keyboard, mouse and monitor. The switch will ultimately allow control of up to 64 computers through a daisy chain configuration. This benefits users by reducing the amount of hardware required and offering more desktop space. The KVM switch can be used with both PC and Macintosh computers.

MiniView II USB is capable of selecting a computer directly from a front panel push button switch or by pressing preset key combinations for each computer. Based on USB technology, the GCS124U also eliminates adapters previously necessary to link different platforms via one KVM switch.

The switch includes four complete sets of premium two-in-one bonded KVM cables and a three-year warranty. It is USB 1.1 compliant and incorporates IOGEARis patented VSE (Video Signal Enhancement) technology for superior video quality and support for the industryis highest resolutions (1920x1440).

The MiniView II USB KVM switch is available for US$299. You can find more information at the IOGEAR Web site.