New Unreal2 Movie, Deimos Rising Progress Report, & A Quake III US$20,000 Tournament!

Well, the first few days of spring have come and gone, with sunny skies, chirping birdies, and the smell of fresh cut grass in the air. So what are we doing with our time instead of enjoying the great outdoors in all itis glory? Sitting inside getting a monitor tan digging up game news for you, thatis what. Ah, but what good news it is..... Check it out.

Deimos Rising gets an updated progress report by the developer, David Wareing. Deimos Rising, the sequel to the popular Mars Rising by Ambrosia Software, is a scrolling classic arcade type shooter (think 1942 set on alien planets) that puts you in the cockpit of a prototype Vac Fighter and gives you the power to strafe across vast landscapes in battle with aliens. Highlights include bombing key facilities, hostile tanks, and defense placements while blasting any enemy aircraft sent against you. In the update, Wareing states that the game is coming along, and that he has finally ditched Input Sprocket support, fixed a few bugs, and is finalizing the last map. Still no final release date on the title but expect it out in the near future. To find out more about the game you can dig around in the Ambrosia Software Web site where you will find all kinds of fantastic games for download.

In other news, Network League has announced a $20,000 Online Quake III Tournament. Anyone can join, and sign up is free. The interesting thing about this tournament is that not only the best of the best will win, but all skill categories will have prizes. Also, the entire tournament is being held online, and it starts in April 2001. Finalists will be flown, all expenses paid, to London England to compete for the final prizes. So donit feel intimidated, even if you are less than good, you have a chance to win something. Sign up for the Tournament can be done at the Network League Web page, so head over and get in while you can!

To round out the day we have a bit of news from GameSpot where they have a comprehensive preview of the new and improved Unreal 2 engine. This engine is impressive in many ways, and while there are no games scheduled to be brought to the MacOS, it seems inevitable that at least one title using this engine will be brought to Mac (cross your fingers and knock on wood). One of the most prominent features discussed is that the Unreal 2 engine is able to handle 10x the polygons which means much higher detail. To find out more about Unreal 2 and its engine, skip over to the GameSpot report, or head over to the Official Unreal 2 Web site. Or, if you want to see it in action download the new Unreal 2 movie from the GDC in San Jose (Game Developers Conference).