New Utility Released For Converting MPEG To DV Streams

DropDV Software is now shipping a new app for Mac users, DropDV 1.0. DropDV is a utility designed for converting MPEG video files into editable DV streams. The app features a drag-and-drop interface and support for both NTSC and PAL format output. According to DropDV Software:

DropDV Software announces the release of DropDV 1.0.

DropDV is a Mac OS X droplet which converts MPEG video into DV video streams. After conversion, your video can be edited in iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or any other DV video editing system.


  • A Simple, drag-and-drop interface
  • Doesnit lose audio track
  • Uses high quality bicubic scaling for the best video image
  • Full YUV pipeline (no conversions to RGB)
  • Supports both NTSC and PAL output
  • Creates projects compatible with iMovie

You can find more information about the DropDV release at the DropDV Software Web site. DropDV 1.o is available for US$19.99.