New Version Of 3D Modeler Shipping From Codenautics

Codenautics Software has released a new version of Meshwork, bringing it to version 2.0. Meshwork is a 3D mesh model editor designed for game developers and animators. The latest version ships with several enhancements including improved VRML support and SKN format support. According to Codenautics Software:

Codenautics Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.0 of Meshwork, the premier editor for efficient 3D triangle-mesh models.

This release brings a number of important new features to Meshwork, such as support for transparent/translucent materials and improved import of 3DS files. Several important bugs are fixed as well, especially for OS X users. Full release notes are below.

Hereis whatis new since version 1.9:

  • VRML export now scales uniformly (by a factor of 0.01) on all three axes
  • New "Face Consistent" feature
  • 3DS file import/export improved
  • Initial support for SKN format (used by The Sims)
  • Now properly interprets textures that have a resolution set to something other than 72 dpi (this was a common problem with textures made in Photoshop)
  • More efficient update of coordinate display when drag-selecting a large number of vertices
  • Disabled Undo/Redo, as it was found to be too unreliable
  • Improved compatibility with Quesa (used for the 3D Preview window)
  • New section of the manual provides details on all supported import/export formats

You can find more information about latest Meshwork release at the Codenautics Web site. Meshwork 2.0 is available shareware for US$30.00.