New Version Of Galactica Released With New Web Site has released a new version of Galactica Anno Dominari. Galactica is an interstellar warfare game designed with the objective of conquering the universe. The latest release features interface mods and bug fixes. According to is proud to announce the release of a new Galactica Anno Dominari version!

Galactica is a fun and challenging game of galactic colonization and warfare! Use your superior technology and great fleets of starships to re-unite the surviving factions of the once great human empire!

This new beta version has an updated TCP/IP connection interface.  There have been major bug fixes and optimizations.

In addition, we are excited to announce the launch of the Galactica Arena, a community support Website. You can download pre-made maps, check out the FAQs, and talk to Nio the resident Galactica expert using the GLOG "Galactica BLOG". Vendor Nation will be hosting tournaments in the near future as well, so GET YOUR GAME ON!

You can find more information about the latest version of Galactica Anno Dominari at the VerndorNation .com Web site.