New Version Of MoonMenu Released From Selznick Scientific

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released an update MoonMenu, bringing it to version 2.0.3. MoonMenu is a moon phase data app designed to track lunar data including moon age and lunation. The update features bug fixes for both Classic and OS X. According to Selznick Scientific Software:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is very pleased to announce an upgrade for MoonMenu(tm) to Version 2.0.3 for MacOS 8, 9 and X.

MoonMenu(tm) 2.0.3 offers minor improvements to the software for MacOS 9 and MacOS X. These include adjusting UI elements for proper display under MacOS X 10.2, clipped text in message dialogs, and minor registration problems.

WHATiS NEW IN 2.0.3:

  • Fixed problem with text in some windows
  • Fixed registration problem

X Only:

  • Fixed font metrics for MacOS X 10.2 in some dialogs and windows
  • Fixed problem with "Launch Application..." menu item under some 10.2 systems
  • Fixed problem with Moon disappearing from the menubar during registration reminder

You can find more information about the latest MoonMenu update at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. MoonMenu 2.0.3 is freee for registered users, while the full version is available for US$12.00.