New Version Of Printing Utility From SearchWare

SearchWare Solutions has released a new version of Print Window, bringing it to version 2.0. Print Window is a Mac OS X printing utility designed to allow users to print file lists directly from the finder. The latest version features services support, speed improvements, and several other enhancements. According to SearchWare Solutions:

SearchWare Solutions is proud to announce the release Print Window 2.0, its popular utility for printing file listings from directly within the Mac OS X Finder. The new version adds several new features and fixes a few bugs.


  • Among the new features is the much-requested Mac OS X Services support (file listings can now be generated using the Finderis "Services" menu, even if Print Window is not currently running).
  • The speed of generating file listings has been greatly improved
  • file information in the "Full List" layout is now more accurate
  • a new, improved, more Aqua-compliant interface is introduced with this version
  • and much more!

You can find more information about the latest Print Window release at the Search Solutions Web site. Print Window 2.0 is available as freeware.