New WPDFD Released, Site Design Updated

To celebrate the release of their June issue, Joe Gillespie of Web Page Design For Designers has also made some minor modifications to the WPDFD site. This monthis issue features an in-depth look at Flash 5 Studio, and covers some of the pitfalls of page layout. According to Web Page Design For Designers:

Web Page Design for Designers gets a facelift this month with a new homepage including a new common navigation bar on each page and some more subtle changes to improve readability and usability. Some older articles and links have been brought up to date - but there is still work to do!

Layout is not a dirty word.
HTML provides for the basic structure of a Web page and some people are quite happy to leave it at that, but ilayouti has a lot more to it than just making the page look pretty! The beginning of a new series of articles on Web page layout.

Mini Review: Flash 5 Studio
An excellent new book from Friends of Ed giving an insight into the more advanced uses of Flash 5.

TopTip: Screen Resolution Grid
A screen resolution/browser size grid that you can download to check your visible page areas for popular screen sizes.

You can read the entire issue at the Web Page Design For Designers Web site.