New Web Assistant From Glucose

Glucose is now shipping Surfboard 1.0. Surfboard is an Internet assistant designed to simplify the sorting of information found on modern Web sites. Surfboard Buttons that incorporate natural language directly into a users browser are one feature currently shipping with the new app. According to Glucose:

Glucose today introduced the powerful new web assistant, Surfboard 1.0 for Mac OS X. Surfboard is a uniquely innovative application that works with your Web browser to get more out of the enormous expanse of web by reducing pages to their most important points and highlighting key pieces of information.

Using Surfboard is remarkably straight forward. The user simply starts the application, configures their browser, and a set of Surfboard Buttons appears at the top of every Web page they visit. These buttons are the key to unlocking Surfboardis powerful natural language tools.

You can find more information about Surfboard at the Glucose Web site. Surfboard 1.0 is available for US$34.95.