New Yorkers: 3D Artists Meeting To Be Held Feb. 28

The 3D Artist User Group has announced that it will hold its MAC 3D NY meeting at the Apple Marketing Center in NYC on February 28. The idea is to have an interchange of ideas, techniques and jobs. According to the 3D Artist User Group:

The Alias/Wavefront team will be giving NYis first Mac oriented demo of the much drooled for MAYA 3.0! Thatis right, for most of us this will be the very first opportunity to see Maya in a for-Mac-only presentation, and find out what features are coming to OSX in the next few months.

Electric Image Universe debuts! The Mac standard in 3D, gets a major update. Get NYis first look at EIUis soon to be released new interface, and the new feature set that includes many new modeling enhancements, a gorgeous Raytracing engine, Open GL support, new IK controls, multi-platform support, and much more.

Two brand new EI utilities get you lip-synched talking heads in ten minutes! Well, almost. OBJECT2FACT converts your Poser and other OBJ models straight into perfectly morphable FACT files. HEADGAMES brings automated speech data into EI, and its MARS technology allows you to actually set up head rotation control inside the Morph window!

The meeting will take place on Wednesday February 28th at 6:30PM. It is free and open to 3D artists on all levels if they register in advance.