New Zealand Mac Users To Get Online Store

Mac users in New Zealand will soon have the option of buying their Macs direct from Apple, online. Until now, there hasnit been an online Apple Store, but Computerworld, a New Zealand magazine, says that is about to change. According tot he magazine, the store will be operated by Appleis New Zealand distributor, and will not actually run the same software that Apple uses elsewhere in the world. Computerworld also talks to several local Mac retailers to get their reaction on the new competition. From the article:

Local Macintosh and iPod aficionados will soon be able to buy from an online Apple store, leading a retailer to suggest that stores will need to undercut Appleis Web site pricing.

Apple hopes the local store will be online by the end of the month. Bronwyn Sinclair, Apple marketing manager at local distributor Renaissance, says the store will offer the entire Apple range but wonit initially include built-to-order options or third party products.

Sinclair says Apple doesnit know how much business it will do through the online store. "To be honest, we havenit put a target on it initially. We know that a lot of people visit our Web site to look at our options."

The company hasnit received any "major complaints" from existing retailers, she says. "Quite a lot of them understand that people go and have a look at whatis available, and will then buy through the channel."

Thereis more information in the full article, which we recommend as an interesting read.