New Zealand Paper: Apple Experiencing "Renaissance" In New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald says that Apple as undergone its own "renaissance" in New Zealand. The comment comes in an article about local computer company Renaissance, a company that assembles high-end PCs and servers, and is New Zealandis exclusive Apple distributor. The company has seen sales growth related in part to an increase in sales of Appleis product line, including the G5 and the iPod. From the New Zealand Herald:

While Renaissance remains an exclusive distributor for niche computer maker Apple, the computer box-shifting business it used to engage in is long gone.

"We found that putting at risk so much capital for little return was not sensible," said Johnston. "Companies like Tech Pacific concentrate on delivering a product an hour faster than everyone else. Theyire very good at it," he said of the countryis largest PC distributor.

Renaissance dispensed with its big PC relationships to concentrate on Apple which, thanks to a smart product line-up and falling prices, has experienced its own little renaissance in New Zealand.

The iPod (Appleis stylish digital music player) and the new G5 Mac computer had driven retail sales.

"Itis at the stage now where 50 to 60 per cent of iPods are being bought by non-Mac users," said Johnston. "We literally canit get enough of them. Retail sales have gone very well, through the likes of Pacific Retail Group and Harvey Norman."

Thereis more information about Renaissance in the full article.