New iDVD Themes From has released a new set of DVD themes for use with Appleis iDVD 4.0. The DVD themes are designed for simplified DVD menu creation. The themes feature both NTSC and PAL menu templates and up to 42 buttons. According to today unveiled two collections of Buttons for Appleis iDVD 4.0 software. This is the first Button set add-on product for iDVD. Each ButtonPAK contains 21 different styled Buttons in a wide range of styles and designs. When combined together into the ButtonPAK+ you get all 42 Buttons and 5 Free backgrounds for a Theme building "kit" of sorts.

Our ButtonPAKs offer a much needed boost of creativity to the palette of choices for any iDVD project. The 13 buttons that come with iDVD are limited so we developed some really fantastic choices to increase the options available to users. With our ButtonPAKs and Themes combined there are thousands of possible Theme designs now all within iDVD.

All our Buttons are simple to install and work easily from within iDVD. End users access the Buttons from the same menu as the 13 pre-installed buttons. All 42 Buttons can be previewed from our Web site.

You can find more information about the release at the Web site. The themes are available for US$74.00 each.