New iTunes Portal Opens For Mac Users

SiteLink Network has announced a new portal to the iTunes Music Store called Tune Watch. Tune Watch is a Web portal utility designed for browsing various criteria from Appleis online music resource. The portal is fully customizable and accesses the iTunes information without actually having to launch iTunes itself. According to SiteLink Network:

After months of development and refinement, the SiteLink Network today launched "Tune-Watch", an advanced Web portal to the iTunes Music Store, implementing an easy-to-use interface that allows users to browse the Storeis latest additions, new releases, and top songs and albums without actually launching Appleis iTunes software. Tune-Watch also provides direct links to the Store through iTunes for purchase or more detailed browsing.

The new site is fully customizable. Using a tabbed interface, users can configure up to eight customized pages, or tabs, consisting of favorite music genres (Pop, Rock, Alternative, etc.), list category (New Releases, Just Added, Tops Songs, Top Albums, or Featured Albums & Exclusives), list size, cover art size, and tab name. There are also pre-configured standard listings available for quick and easy browsing.

You can find more information about Tune Watch at the SiteLink Network Web site. The service is available free via RSS newsfeed downloads.