Newbie to Mac Can Never Go Back, Part II

Back in March, Tom Yager at InfoWorld told the story about a friend who was inching away from Windows. In part II of the story, the friend is finally sold, according to Mr. Yager on Wednesday.

"Wild horses driven by a grinning Steve Ballmer carrying $100,000 couldnit drag her back into Windows. That hundred large might have convinced her under Tiger (OS X 10.4), but Iive shared with her many of the published details of Leopard (10.5), due in October," Mr. Yager wryly commented.

However, there remained some hitches along the way. Mr. Yager and his colleague had a hard time finding a decent keyboard, one that compared to the feel of the MacBook itself, when the system is used on a desktop. Also, there were some issues with Parallels Desktop misbehaving with Vista. "Small loss, you might think, but with my job, I canit pretend that Vista doesnit exist. Its rightful home is in a window on the Mac desktop. Parallels keeps kicking it out," Mr. Yager lamented.

Even so, there were the tantalizing glimpses of Leopard, strictly on the up and up, and the promise of resolution independent fonts for older eyes and Time Machine have sealed the deal. Regarding the promise of Leopard, the author concluded, "She no longer has a fondness for Windows, and I have learned that if I wish to acquaint myself with the great beyond, all I need to do is mention October one more time."