Newer Slashes Prices On G3/G4 Upgrades

Newer Technology has reduced prices across their line of G3/G4 upgrade cards. Runnng at speeds up to 500Mhz, Newer offers upgrade cards for most modles of Macintosh and Mac compatible computers. According to Newer Technology:

Newer Technology, the technology leader in Apple [NASDAQ: AAPL] Macintosh CPU upgrades, announces the reduction in price of the worldis most highly rated G3 and G4 CPU upgrade cards. Improved pricing covers two cards for the 9600-7300 series of computers. The 400MHz G4 and 500MHz G3 cards, utilizing Neweris award winning MAXpowr hardware ROM compatibility circuitry, have undergone significant price reductions. These are the only cards on the market that are truly 100% compatible with Appleis 9600-7300 series of Power Macintosh computers and similar clone computers.

Newer has lowered its prices on the 500 MHz MAXpowr G3 by $130 to its new price of $399, and the 400 MHz MAXpowr G4 by $100 to its new price of $399. These prices will remain intact until the next Newer price drop on these specific products is announced. By offering these substantial price reductions, Newer establishes a price/performance leadership position for G3 and G4 CPU upgrades. ,p> Neweris full line of MAXpowr G3 and G4 PCI cards are compatible with the following models of Macintosh and Clone computers:

    Apple Power Macintosh 9600, 9515, 9500, 8600, 8515, 8500, 7600, 7500, and 7300
  • Apple Workgroup Server 9650, 8550 and 7350
  • Power Computing PowerTower Pro, PowerTower*, PowerCenter Pro*, PowerCenter*, PowerCurve* and PowerWave
  • DayStar Genesis 932, 900, 800, 720, 600, 528, 400 and 360
  • UMAX S900 and J700
  • Mactell XB-Pro

Newer also takes a bold step and significantly reduces the price of the popular BookEndz docking station for the 1999 PowerBook G3 (aka Lombard series or Bronze). Newer has decreased the price by $100 to its new price of $99 while supplies last. BookEndz allows for lightning fast connections and disconnections with all your PowerBook peripherals. Many mobile users place a BookEndz docking station on their desks both at work and home.

October Street Price / November Street Price

  • MAXpowr G4-PCI
    400MHz/1MB/200MHz - $499 / $399
    PowerMac 9600-7300 (all speeds)
  • MAXpowr G3-PCI
    500MHz/1MB/250MHz - $529 / $399
    PowerMac 9600-7300 (all speeds)
  • PowerBook Docking Stations
    PowerBook G3 (1999) - $199 / $99

You can find more information at all of their upgrade products at the Newer Technology web site.