Newsweek: Apple May Release iTMS For Windows Early

In an interesting report on how badly the music industry has handled such challenges as piracy, online distribution, and related issues, Newsweek included a tidbit about Apple. The magazine reports that Apple has "quietly informed some music insiders" that the company will be releasing iTunes, and by extension the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), for Windows in mid-October. Appleis official and oft-mentioned line on when it would release the Windows version of its paradigm shifting iTMS has been "by the end of this year." A move to mid-October would mean a significant change in the companyis ability to compete in the Windows market for music downloads. From Newsweek:

In another hopeful sign for the industry last week, downloading sites Rhapsody and Appleis iTunes bragged that paying customers were flocking their way. And Apple, NEWSWEEK learned, quietly informed some music insiders that itis moved up the date for expanding its current Mac-only iTunes for the vast universe of Windows-based PCs to mid-October. Apple couldnit be reached for comment. As weeks go, it was a good one for the record industry.

There a lot more in the full Newsweek story on the music industry, and the changes underway in that industry.