Newsweek Looks at iPod shuffle and Mac mini

Writing in Newsweekis International Tip Sheet feature, Steven Levy brings yet more exposure to Apple, the iPod, and the Mac mini. Part belayed Macworld keynote wrap up, and part focus on the iPod shuffle and Mac mini, Mr. Levyis piece brings information about both products to Newsweekis mainstream audience.

Noting that during his yearly Macworld Expo keynote address, Steve Jobs typically introduces new Apple products that promise three thing: "Itis gorgeous, itis easy to use and it ainit cheap."

"Well, this year," he quipped, "he hit two out of three." According to Mr. Levy, Appleis new iPod shuffle and Mac mini are gorgeous and easy to use, as well as cheap, setting them both apart from traditional Apple offerings.

The full article offers the by-now familiar look at both products, and Mr. Levy concludes with the following:

  • iPod Shuffle. All the cachet (but not all the songs) of the iPod for under $100. Great for workouts.
  • Mac mini. A real Mac for under $500! No monitor or keyboard.

You can find the full article at Newsweek.