Sends a chill up your spine just whispering the word, doesnit it?

What makes ninjas so scary and awe inspiring? Is it their cool black costumes? How about their totally silent and stealthy movements? Maybe itis the deadly array of ninja weaponry?

If these and other questions have been keeping you up nights, then youill really be fascinated by this installment of A Cool Waste Of Time.

Join us while we explore the totally cool world of ninjas, and visit several sites dedicated to their secretive, but totally rockini ways.

Our first stop; The Official Ninja Webpage: Real Ultimate Power!!!!

Everything you ever wanted to know about ninjas can be found here! Thereis a great question and answer section where youill learn interesting facts, like:

Q: What do ninjas do when theyire not cutting off heads or flipping out?
A: Most of their free time is spent flying, but sometime they stab.

Thereis lots of good ninja info.

Next, we grab a bowl of popcorn and settle back to watch the adventures of The Plaid Ninja as he battles his dreaded arch-enemies.

We all know ninjas flip out and kill people at the drop of a chop stick, but did you know that they also live by a strict code of honor that binds them to whatever task you give them? If you see an opportunity for fun with ninjas, youire not alone. Check out Thomas Scottis The Semaphore Ninja, and heill show you.

Now, for something really different: You have got to watch Ninjai: The Little Ninja. The artwork and music is superb, and each of the 12 chapters are worth watching more than once.

The Little Ninja

And donit worry, more of Ninjai will be coming along soon.

And now, if youill excuse us; we must don our black outfits and flip out.

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