Nisus Writer Updated With Better Classic Support, Other Enhancements

Nisus Software has released an update to its flagship product, Nisus Writer. Nisus Writer is a feature-rich Mac-only word processor that has gained a devoted following among Mac users. The new version is compatible with the Classic environment from within Mac OS X, and includes other bug features and performance enhancements. According to Nisus Software:

We at Nisus Software are proud to announce the release of Nisus Writer 6.0.2, the multilingual word processor for the Macintosh. This version is Power PC only and has been tested by Apple to be classic compatible in OS X.

Among the changes in Nisus Writer 6.0.2 are an enhanced RTF translator with better compatibility to both read and write RTF files in any language (WorldScript as well as Roman based alphabets), and compatibility with both the Chinese and Japanese language kits that shipped with OS 9.1.

New in version 6.0.2:

  • Nisus Writer version 6.0.2 is PowerPC only.
  • The Registration/Serial Number dialog will now get the Name and Organization from the Internet control panel (Internet Config) if they are available.
  • Fixed display bugs when switching from Main Document view to Footnote/Endnote and/or Header/Footer view.
  • Fixed a bug in which some System-wide menus prevented Command-C from working. Examples are the Simplified Chinese Input menu, and the PGP menu.
  • If a window is set to display the footnotes (or headers/footers) and you do a find, it will work correctly even if the iInclude Notes/Hdrs/Ftrsi button is not checked. The active view will be searched, but not any of the others.
  • The iBi option of the iFind Alli command (in macros) now properly allows summary finds.
  • Fixed crash in iEdit Word Servicesi when trying to remove a previously added service.
  • Fixed a bug in the Widow & Orphan Control that removed color attributes as it fixed the widows and orphans.
  • The effect of the iMaximum Scrolling Speedi option in the preferences has been changed. A preferences value of 14 means scroll one line every 1/60th of a second (no acceleration). A value of 0 means scroll one line every second. Values above 14 add acceleration, every 2 seconds it speeds up by one line per 1/60th of a second, with a maximum of the preference value minus 13. So for a value of 15 the maximum is 2 (one step of acceleration), at 16 the maximum is 3, etc.
  • The iEnable Line Wrapi and iPastei submenus should now remain active at all times. This is so that macros wonit fail at odd times. This does introduce a problem with the Paste command: if the Clipboard is empty and there is text selected in the document, choosing the Paste will delete the selected text.
  • Option-clicking on the iDesktopi button in the Catalog window will now switch to the finder much more reliably.
  • Fixed a problem where Nisus Writer asked for confirmation of a serial number when switching from OS X to earlier versions of the OS and back again.
  • Fixed the Japanese iCopy to Findi problem (font size was being set to 255 in find dialog).
  • Prevents Glossary items from being expanded while editing them. This prevents recursion problems if a Glossary item contains itself (many null characters were being inserted).
  • Glossary items that contain a word separator (space, command, tab, etc.) should now expand properly, with the insertion point ending up in the correct place.
  • Added a few more words to the AutoCorrect Spelling glossary.
  • Added new macros to the Text Editing Macros file: Bibliography Capitalization, Form Paragraphs Selections (for non-contiguous paragraphs), Smart Quotes, and Straight Quotes.
  • Fixed the Command (double-click) macro in the Nisus Macros file so that double-clicking a URL with only "www.domain.whatever" will launch a Web Browser.
  • Enhanced the Mercury RTF XTND filter to both read and write RTF files in any language (WorldScript as well as Roman), and handle footnotes.

You can find more information on Nisus Writer at the comapnyis Web site. The update is free to registered owners of version 6.x. Upgrading from earlier version is priced at US$49.95. The full version is priced at US$99.95, and Nisus Software offers a competitive upgrade for owners of any previous version of Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, AppleWorks and Claris Works, and WriteNow for US$69.95. The company also offers a demo version of the product.