No Drop in iPhone Orders Seen, Speculation Continues

A report in Tapeiis Digitimes said that "iPhone shipment schedules are still on track." The report contradicts rumors earlier this week that Apple had reduced orders for the iPhone. reported on Thursday that Digitimes has to be considered a credible source of information on these matters.

The Apple community has been on edge ever since the release of the iPhone, spculating as to how many iPhones Apple has sold and will sell. The rumors on Tuesday worried investors, however, some think that Apple may be transitioning to a new version of the iPhone.

On Wednesday, Mike Abramsky of RBC Fiancial Group posted an investor note about Appleis introduction of the iPhone into Europe and reiterated a target price of US$175.

Apple stock seems to be back to normal as investors size up both Appleis prospects and the overal tenor of the stock market.

Apple stock is currently at about US$135.00 with mild fluctuations.

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