No Joke: Formac Offering Great Drive Deals

With April Fools Day over, and the true dawning of Spring just around the corner, Formac is celebrating with great deals on a number of CD-RW/DVD-RAM drives. This is a great chance for users to pick up one of these hot new drives. According to Formac:

April fools day is over and Formac will start into this month with a new pricing that might make some people think it is not:

    Formac dvdram: 9.4 GB on removable cartridges | Lowest cost per megabyte | FireWire, bus-powered* and hot-swappable

    Are you looking for a storage solution that gives you vast amount of data capacity, that is removable and that is cheaper than all other existing storage media? A solution that allows you to work and administer your files instantaneously and at hard drive speeds? Donit look any further! The new FireWire Formac dvdram gives you all that! And more! Its 9.4 GB removable cartridges store your data at less than 1 cent per MB, the lowest cost for storage media today! And its FireWire connectivity lets you work on your data at megabyte-per-second-speeds! With enhanced caching for read/write throughput the Formac dvdram is fast enough to record and play digital videos. On top of that the Formac dvdram is hot-swappable and runs bus powered with most of todayi s Macintosh computers. Simply connect it to your Mac and it mounts and configures itself automatically

    Formac cdrw 12X/10X/32X: BURN-Proof | FireWire, bus-powered* and hot-swappable | Includes Adaptec Toast

    The new FireWire Formac cdrw is a breakthrough in CD-RW technology! Offering a 3-in-1 solution it allows you to easily record, erase and rewrite CDs - all that with unparalleled reliability and speeds! To give you a taste: our 16X/10X/40X version writes a 650 MB disc in under 5 minutes - the industryis fastest CD recording speed! And with Formacis exclusively engineered FireWire bridge, the Formac cdrw is hot-swappable and also runs bus-powered with most of todayis Macintosh computers (see list below for Macintosh computers that support bus power)!

    Formac cdrw comes with the built-in BURN-Proof technology that ensures maximum reliability. BURN-Proof eliminates buffer underrun errors that occur in fast write modes. These are the errors that result in wasted "coasters" - CDs rendered unusable due to a failure during recording. Also BURN-Proof not only compensates for slower source drives, but also allows Formac cdrw to be used for multi-tasking. You can now work parallel on your Mac - for example send email, or surf the Web - while burning flawless CDs (Adaptec Toast 4.12 required)!

The DVD-RAM drive is available for US$549, while the CD-RW drive is available for US$279. You can find more information at the Formac Web site.