No Starch Press Introduces My New Mac

No Starch Press has introduced a new book to meet the needs of new Mac users, My New Mac. The book is aimed at those whoive switched to a Mac or are compelled by the ease-of-use of Mac OS X and want to jump right in with fun projects such as surfing, sending e-mail, listening to CDs, and working with digital photos.

"This is a project-oriented book that will have newbies doing useful things with their Macs right away," said author Wallace Wang. "I know Iive never enjoyed wading through menu after menu to become an expert on software Iill hardly use, and I figure Iim not the only one."

The bookis 52 simple projects that show new users how to get started on their new Mac include:

  1. View stocks, flights, and the weather
  2. Organize files and folders by color and keyword
  3. Set up and manage parental controls to control computer and Internet access
  4. Play and burn CDs and DVDs
  5. Transfer photos from a digital camera to a Mac and organize them with iPhoto
  6. Share songs, images, and documents wirelessly between Macs
  7. Track birthdays with iCal
  8. Clip and save information from the Internet
  9. Keep themselves and their computers safe online

My New Mac by Wallace Wang

My New Mac by Wallace Wang, ISBN 9781593271640, 480 pages is immediately available. It is priced at US$29.95.