No Starch Press Rereleases "Apple Confidential 2.0"

No Starch Press has rereleased the second edition of "Apple Confidential 2.0" for Mac enthusiasts. "Apple Confidential", written by Owen W. Linzmayer, chronicals the humble beginnings of Apple, to the more recent addition of the iLife applications. According to No Starch Press:

With iTunes, iPods, and designer iMacs, Apple Computer is once again revolutionizing the way we live with technology. To bring us all up to date with whatis new with Apple, No Starch Press is releasing the second edition of journalist Owen W. Linzmayeris best-selling "Apple Confidential".

"Apple Confidential 2.0" covers everything of note in Appleis fascinating history, from its legendary founding in a garage to todayis groundbreaking innovations. With over 60 pages of new material, including several completely new or greatly revised chapters, and hundreds of new photos, illustrations, quotes, and timelines, "Apple Confidential 2.0" is required reading for Macintosh fanatics and anyone interested in the business of Apple.

You can find more information about "Apple Confidential 2.0" at the No Starch Press Web site. The book is available for US$19.95.