No Starch Press Shipping New Humorous Spam Book

No Starch Press is shipping a new book titled: "The Spam Letters". Written by Jonathan Land, the book pokes fun at the phenomenon of junk email popularly known as spam. The book features short stories and traditional letters to the writers of the common spam solicitations. According to No Starch Press:

"The Spam Letters" is a collection of humorous, entertaining correspondence (and some bewildering replies) to people who send out mass junk e-mailings (a.k.a. spam). One part traditional book of letters and one part short stories, author Jonathan Land invents an entire cast of characters in his attempts to beat spammers at their own game. Reading his dialogues is almost as rewarding as ridding spam from you inbox. If you canit beat them, you may as well have fun at their expense.

Jonathan Land began "The Spam Letters" as a pet project to amuse friends and Web onlookers. After considerable media coverage (Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and Slashdot, among others) Landis pet project grew to gigantic proportions. Land (an accomplished stick figure artist) decided to send his manuscript off to join the literary circus, where such freaks of nature rightfully belong.

You can find more information about "The Spam Letters" at the No Starch Press Web site. "The Spam Letters" is available for US$14.95.