Nolobe's Interarchy 9 Has Over 100 New features

Nolobe introduced Interarchy 9 on Friday, a major update, with over 100 new features, including a brand new protocol built upon SSH combined with user interface enhancements.

"For close to 15 years Interarchy has led the way with its advanced file transfer capabilities," said Matthew Drayton, founder and CEO of Nolobe. "Interarchy 9 builds on this by adding a number of exciting new features to enhance our customersi productivity."

Notably, the addition of SSH provides a number of advantages over incumbent protocols such as FTP and SFTP. Not only is it faster than SFTP but it offers much greater flexibility and improved performance when mirroring. The previous limitations of SFTP are removed.

Interarchy 9 requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. It is priced at US$59, but through February, it is available at an introductory $39. The upgrade from previous versions is priced at $29.