Northern Softworks Updates Panther Cache Cleaner With Expanded Scanning

Northern Softworks has released an update for Panther Cache Cleaner, bringing it to version 2.2. Panther Cache Cleaner is a system utility designed for cleaning out corrupted cache data. The update features expanded scan preferences and other enhancements. According to Northern Softworks:

Northern Softworks today announced the release of version 2.3 of Panther Cache Cleaner, its popular OS X maintenance and utility application.

What is Panther Cache Cleaner?

Panther Cache Cleaner is a utility designed to provide easy access to numerous OS X maintenance and utility options. When used in combination with OS Xis disk repair tools, it can be very effective in curing many system problems.

Whatis New in Panther Cache Cleaner 2.3?

Version 2.3 of PCC adds the ability to scan preference files for inactivity and corruption. It adds the ability to enable or disable the crashreporter daemon. It also adds the ability to customize crashreporteris behavior.

This release adds a simple man page viewer. It adds the ability to customize Safari. This release fixes a bug where ram disks larger than 488 MB could not be created. This release also includes some minor bug fixes and improvements. This release updates PCC for OS X 10.3.3.

You can find more information about the Panther Cache Cleaner update at the Northern Softworks Web site. Panther Cache Cleaner 2.3 is free for registered users of Jaguar/Panther Cache Cleaner, while the full version is available for US$7.95.