Not OS X, But The Next Best Thing

Even though OS X remains little more than demonstrations and rumors at this stage, a new site has launched with hopes of tiding us over until the next generation OS ships. Xicons, a site that creates icon sets for the forthcoming OS, has posted their first icon set featuring Appleis new computers. According to Xicons:, a brand new website delivering free 128x128 pixel thumnail icons for Mac OS X to the macintosh community has just gone online with its first two icons sets. The current offerings include Appleis latest hardware. New icons are posted twice a week and there hosts a monthly user submission contest for the best icon set for OS X. All submitted icons are featured on the site and the winner receives a registered copy of IconBuilder Pro. For those without access to a current build of Mac OS X, all icons are compatible with MacOS 8.5 and higher.

You can find more information, and the new icon sets, at the Xicon web site.