NoteBook 3.0 Adds Handwriting Recognition, PDF Mark-up and More

Circus Ponies Software announced on Monday the release of Notebook 3.0. The new version adds diagramming, sketching, handwriting recognition, and PDF annotation.

The PDF annotation feature allows users, especially students, to add notes and lecture slides to their notebooks, and them mark them up with sketches, diagrams and text.

NoteBook 3.0

"Now Mac users donit have to spend hundreds of dollars of separate outlining, diagramming, and to do list programs -- NoteBook 3 does it all, at a fraction of the price," said Circus Ponies president Jayson Adams.

NoteBook 3 is an electronic notebook for the Mac that allows users to collect information in diverse formats and organize it all.

Circus Ponies Notebook 3.0 for Mac requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. It is priced at US$49.95. Academic and family pack pricing is available.